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( Sree Vaikundam Duraiswami Subbu Lakshmi) was  heroine of Tamil Cinema during 30's and 40's who confined to supporting roles and character roles afterwards.She could act in films of great actors like MGR,NTR,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan etc also.It was S.D.Subbu Lakshmi that introduced world renowned Carnatic musician M.S.Subbu Lakshmi to films and she worked as her mentor in the early days.
M.S.Subbu Lakshmi
                    S.D.Subbu Lakshmi was born in 'Sri Vaikundam' of Tamil Nadu to parents Durai Swami and Janaki Ammal.She possessed intrinsic talents to act and sing and the parents moved to Madurai in her childhood to help promote her interests.There at Madurai she was trained in Carnatic Music and classical dance.To get an entry to professional drama field the parents approached drama troupes with her photographs with different types of make up and she was selected in a prestigious group.She acted in a number of dramas  with eminent heroes of those period like Thyagaraja Bhagavathar,T.R.Mahalingam etc and acted along famous actresses like K.B.Sundarambal.
The drama 'Pavalakkodi' in which she acted was very much liked by a film producer so that he wanted to film it and he handed over the job to director K.Subramaniam.K.Subramanyam directed the film excellently and he retained all the actors of the drama in the film also and S.D.Subbu Lakshmi became a film star with the film 'Pavalakkodi'.There were many other offers pouring in afterwards but she was selective in her roles and acted in films like 'Bhakta Kuchela,Naveena Sarangadhara,Vikadayogi,Mister Ammaji,Anantha Sayanam,Manasamrakshanam,Gulabalavali,Kalyana Parisu,Engiruntho Vanthal' and others.
S.S.Subbulakshmi with Husband and M.S.Subbu Lakshmi
Her entry to films was in the year 1934 and acted as princess Pavalakkodi in the film 'Pavalakkodi'.In 1936 she acted as the heroine 'Usha' in the film 'Usha Kalyanam'.In the film 'Bhakta Kuchela' she acted as Lord Krishna and also as 'Suseela'.
'Thyagabhoomi' was a film intended to create awareness about the Indian freedom struggle and in that film she acted and sings a  patriotic song 'Vande Matharam'.
She acted in several films of Sivaji Ganesan.
In the second film of Sivaji's  acting career 'Panam' Padmini was the heroine and S.D.Subbu Lakshnmi acted along with them and also with other legends like  
'B.R.Panthalu,C.V.V.Panthalu,V.P.S.Mani,T.V.Sethuraman,Kottapuli Jayaraman' etc.
In the film 'Sampoorna Ramayanam' she could act along with NTR.
N.T.Rama Rao,Sivaji,Padmini,V.Nagaiah,Varalakshmi,V.K.Ramaswami,Pushpavally' etc acted in it.
In the film 'Andhaman Kaidhi' of 1952 directed by K.V.Krishnan she acted in a supporting role along with MGR.
Sivaji and Krishna Kumari paired in the film 'Thuli Visham' in which she acted.
The three Travancore sisters 'Lalitha,Padmini and Ragini' acted with Sivaji Ganesan in the 1954 film 'Thooku Thookki' in which S.D.S. also acted.
In the super hit film 'Kalyana Parisu' in which Gemini Ganesan and B.Saroja Devi were the main pair, she also acted in supporting role.C.V.Sreedhar was the director of that film.
Sivaji Ganesan and Jayalalitha were the lead pair of 'Engirindho Vandhal' directed by A.C.Tirulokchander in 1970 in which SDS also appeared in a role.
S.D.Subbu Lakshmi married lawyer turned director K.Subramaniam with the consent of his first wife Meenatchi and successfully looked after both the families till his last breath.Abaswaram Ramji is her son.
Selected Filmography
Naveena Sadharam
Usha Kalyanam
Bhakta Kuchela
Naveena Sarangadhara
Mister Ammaji

Thyaga Bhoomi
Anantha Sayanam
Krishna Sudama
Andhaman Kaithi
Thuli Visham
Thookku Thookki
Rani Lalithangi
Raja Rajan
Yanai Valartha Vanampadi
Kalyana Parisu
Kadavulin Kuzhanthai
Pattanathil Bhootham
Engirindho Vandhal

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