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T.R. Rajakumari was the first 'Dream Girl' of Tamil Cinema who captured instant stardom with the release of 'Kacha Devayani'(1941) which was practically her third film but which was released as the first film.This extremely beautiful actress was described by well known Tamil writer 'Kalki' as 'Kollum Vizhiyal'(her eyes Kills or she has enchanting,beautiful eyes).
T.R.Rajakumari was born in Tanjavur, Madras Presidency in the year 1922 in a family of musicians and her well known grandmother-musician trained her in music and dance from the childhood days itself.Her original name was 'Tanjavur Ranganayaki Rajayee'  and her screen name was adapted as 'T.R.Rajakumari'.
Her entry to films was at the age of 16 in a movie 'Kumara Kulothungan' in 1938 which was directed by R.Dwarakanath.The film could not release for more than two years due to some problems and meanwhile her second film 'Kacha Devayani' got released in 1941 which was directed by K.Subramanyam.Kacha Devayani became a thumping success and T.R.Rajakumari became very popular and her appearance and acting style was very much liked by the audience.After the release of another film 'Mandharavathi' only, her original debut film 'Kumara Kulothungan' got released and was not a success.
But in the 40's many of her films were big hits and successful at the box Office.
Some of her super-hit movies of 40's were 'Kacha Devayani,Manonmani,Sivakami,Haridas, Chandralekha' etc.
In the 1943 film 'Sivakami' she acted opposite the first Superstar of Tamil Cimema 'M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar'.
In the same year  another film  " Kubera Kuchelawas made in which   P.U.Chinnappa acted as the hero.
In 1944 in the super-hit  film 'Haridas' she acted as the heroine of Thyagaraja Bhagavathar in which N.C.Vasan,Kokilam etc acted along with them.The film which was directed by Sunder Rao Nadkarni was the first Tamil film which ran continuously for 110 weeks in a single Cinema house.
Another hit film was 'Valmiki' which was directed by Sunder Rao Nadkarni.
In 1948 the film 'Chandralekha' broke all records and it was screened all over the world in film festivals.M.K.Radha and T.R.Rajakumari acted as the lead pair of the film and the movie  was produced and directed by S.S.Vasan.The shooting of the film  extended for five years and the fantastic   lavishly made film became the most expensive film of that period.Initially the film could not recover the production costs and so producer/director  S.S.Vasan made some changes in the film and released it in Hindi and it turned to be India's first nationwide hit.It was dubbed in English,Japanese,Danish,and many other foreign languages and screened at Indian and International film festivals also.
'Vana Sundari' was 1951 film in which P.U.Chinnappa and T.R.Rajakumari paired and which was directed by T.R.Raghunath.
'Anbu' was a film of 1953 in which Sivaji Ganesan was the hero and T.R.Rajakumari and Padmini acted as female leads.
In the film 'Gulebagavali' of 1955 M.G.R. was the hero and T.R.Rajakumari was the female lead.Raja Sulochana,Varalakshmi,S.D.Subbu Lakshmi etc acted along with them.The adventures faced by an young man who goes about in search of a rare flower for the treatment to get back the vision of an old person was the story.The old man was his father and a King who lost his Kingdom.This was all revealed later  in the film which was a big success.
In another film of  the next year 1956, again M.G.R was the hero and T.R.Rajakumari was the heroine of that movie  'Puthumai Pithan' which was also a big hit.
In the film 'Thagamalai Ragasyam' Sivaji Ganesan,Jamuna,T.R.Rajakumari acted in main roles.

She also started film production with her brother T.R.Ramanna under  the banner 'R.R.Pictures'  and produced films like 'Vazha Pirandhavan,Koondukkili,Gulubagavali,Paasam,Periya Idathu Penn,Panam Padaithavan,Parakkum Pavai etc.
Her last film as an actress was 'Vanampadi' in 1963.
T.R.Rajakumari died on September 20, 1999 after a prolonged illness.

Selected Filmography

Kacha Devayani
Kumara Kulothungan
Kubera Kuchela
En Veedu
Vazha Pirandhavan
Pudhumai Pithan
Thangamalai Ragasyam
Thanga Padhumai

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