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T.P.Rajalakshmi was the first heroine of Tamil Cinema,the first Woman director of  South Indian Cinema,the second female director of Indian cinema(the first woman director was Fathima Begum),She received the title as
'The Rani of Cinema' because of her contributions to diversified fields of cinema.
T.P.Rajalakshmi was born in a poor family in the town of 'Thiruvaiyaru' of Tanjore District on 11 November 1911.She could study only up to 4th standard  at school.She had intrinsic talent to act and sing beautifully.She memorized and sang whatever songs she heard with perfection as per the original.
Her family later moved to Trichy where she got chances to be introduced to pioneers of Tamil Drama field and that paved way as a stage actress very soon.On the stage she paired along with legends like S.G.Kittappa Bhagavathar,Thyagaraja Bhagavathar etc and earned fame and prestige.
In 1929 she acted as heroine of silent film 'Kovalan'.
She acted as heroine of Raja Sandow(1894-1944) in the film Rajeswari in 1931.
She rose to the height of popularity as the heroine of the film 'Kalidasa' which was the first Tamil talkie in which she sang songs also.It was directed by H.M.Reddy.Films like Sathyavan Savithri, Valli Thirumanam  etc helped her to  achieve stardom.
She was a trend setter and she participated in the freedom fight movement and worked along with Indian National Congress.She was imprisoned several times for her freedom movement activities.She tried to convey the message of patriotism  through her films and her film titled as 'Mother India'(India Thai) was not allowed by the British government and was released by the name 'Tamil Thai' which became a failure at the box office but she was happy that she could spread the message of patriotism to the society.
She wrote the story,screenplay,produced,directed as well as edited  the film 'Miss Kamala' and acted as the heroine also.This film which became a blockbuster successful film of that period made her the first woman director of south Indian cinema.She also produced and directed another blockbuster successful 
film 'Madurai Veeran'.
T.P.Rajalakshmi became wealthy and earned much properties in Chennai and she  helped her relatives also.
Most of her films were hits like 'Gulebakavali,Lalithangi,Draupati Vasthraharanam,Harischandra etc.
She was given  'Kalaimamani' award from the government of Tamil Nadu.
T.P.Rajalakshmi passed away in th year 1964.She was honored with the title 'Cinema Rani' earlier.
T.P.Rajalakshmi's birth centenary was celebrated as a government function by the government of Tamil Nadu to honor that great artist.
Selected Filmography
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Savithri Sathyavan
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Bhakta Kuchela
Idhaya Geetham
Tamil Thai
Madurai Veeran
Tamil Thai
Miss Kamala
Bhama Parinayam
Bhakta Kumaran
Kausalya Parinayam
Nanda Kumar

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