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Gope Kamalani who became popular as Gope  was an yesteryear comedy actor who left this world 57 years back but still fondly remembered by  the old generation and loved by the youngsters.
Gope was born on April 11, 1913 in Hyderabad.His first film was 'Insaan Ya Shaitan'(1933) in which Jaddan Bai acted(Mother of Nargis).
He soon won critical acclaim and the audience were very much impressed by  his jokes and acting style which  created impressive  classic comedy.At the peak of his career his name was enough to attract viewers to the cinema halls and got credits equal to the heroes.
He was able to act in several superhit  and  classic films of those period which are still viewed widely  and the youngsters are also impressed about his acting skill.His films like 'Hindustan Hamara,Patanga'Mirza Shahiban,Chori Chori,Sharada' etc are all unforgettable films of those period.
In the film 'Hindustan Hamara'(1940) which was directed by Ram Daryani, actors 'Nandrekar,Hari Shivdasani,Jamuna,Padmadevi' etc acted and it was a super hit film.
In the film 'Dak Bangla' (1947) Kamal Kapoor,Wasti,Gope,and Suraiya were the main actors.
In the film 'Ghar Ki Izzat'(48) which was a hit film of 1948, Dilip Kumar and Mumtaz Shanti were the lead actors and Gope,Jeevan etc  acted along with them.
'Arzoo was another superhit  of Dilip Kumar in 1950 in which Kamini Kaushal,Shashikala,Neelam etc acted.
In the super hit film 'Tarana' of 1951 Dilip Kumar was the hero and Madhubala was the heroine.In this film Gope teamed up with Jeevan to play villain in a comic style which also received accolades.
Tangewali was a hit film of 1955 in which Shammi Kapoor and Anita Guha were the main pair.The director was Lekhraj Bhakri and in this film Gope acted along with other famous stars like Balraj Sahni,Nirupa Roy,Jayant etc.
Chori Chori was a classic super hit film of 1956 in which Raj Kapoor and Nargis acted in main roles.Pran,Mukri,Indira Bansal,Gope etc were the other actors.It was directed by Anant Thakur.
He started 'Gope Productions' in 1950's and produced some movies like 'Hangama'  and Biradari.Some of the films of his production house were directed by his brother Ram Kamalani.
Gope was married to actress Latika.He was busy with his acting schedules till his death in 1957 when he was only 43 years old.
Selected Filmography
Hindustan Hamara

Laheri Jeevan
School Master
Nai Zindagi
Dak Bangla
Ghar Ki Izzat
Hanste Aansoo
Kali Ghata
Ek Zazar
Apni Izzat
Dharma Patni
Alif Laila
Bara Dari
Fifty Fifty
Pocket Maar
Diwali Ki Raat
Ram Lakshman
Naya Zamana
Khuda Ka Banda
Bade Sarkar
Night Club
Baghi Sipahi
Johar in Kashmir

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