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Prem Adib was Bollywood's  actor in lead roles  during 30's  40's and 50's who was most suited as Lord Rama and  acted in this role in hit films like 'Ram Rajya,Bharat Milap,Lav Kush' etc.He was equally good  as Lord Krishna and historical figures  like Priviraj Chauvan.
Prem Adib was born on August 10, 1917 at Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh in a Kashmiri Brahmin family.His father Pandit Ram Prasad was a lawyer.After matriculation he wanted to join films as an actor and travelled to film making centres like Calcutta,Lahore etc where his wish was not fulfilled.He then reached  Bombay and  managed to get a small role in the film 'Romantic India'.He again got small roles in some other films like 'Talaq'.
Prem Adib  received his first hero role opposite Shobhana Samarth in the film 'Nirala Hindustan' and again as hero in 'Gunghatwaali, Bhole Bhole,Sadhna(39),Soubhagya(40) etc.He sang songs for some films also.
During the period 1936 to 1940 he acted as hero in 11 films.
In the film 'Station Master' of 1942 he acted as male lead character 'Arun' opposite Suraiya.In the film Subhadra(1946) he acted as Lord Krishna and actress 'Shanta Apte' played the role of Subhadra.This film was directed by Master Vinayak.
In 'Gaon Ki Gori' he acted opposite Noor Jehan.He acted in the film 'Raja Harischandra' in the title role and Sumitra was the heroine.In the film 'Chand' Shashikala,Begum Para and Prem Adib acted in main roles and was directed by D.D.Kashyap.

'Bharat Milap' was a hit film of 1942 which dealt with the theme of Ramayana chronicling the upheaval created by Kaikeyi to get her two boons from Maharaja Dasaradha.He depicted Lord Rama and received  the sympathy and love of the audience.
Even though actors like Mahipal,Trilok Kapoor,Anant Kumar,Balak Ram,Chandrakant etc enacted the role of Ram, people loved Prem Adib to be as 'Ram' much more.Some of them literally worshipped him as 'Lord Shri Ram' and Shobhana Samarth as 'Seetha Devi Mother'.Some thought them as the incarnations of  Bhagwan Shri Ram and Seetha Devi Mother itself.Such was the impact created by them in the society.Later  Arun Govil could only earn such a love from the audience by enacting Lord Shri Ram in a T.V. Serial..
In the film 'Ram Rajya(1943) Shri Ram's exile period and Killing of Ravana etc were emphasized.Shri Ram was depicted by Prem Adib and Seetha Devi was enacted by Shobhana Samarth.
He acted as Ram in 'Ram Vivah' and  also directed  that film.During the 40's he acted in main roles of 28 films and produced three

During the 50's also he acted in many films like 'Lav Kush'(51) ,Maha Pooja(54) etc.In the film Mahapooja, Shashi Kapoor also acted along with him.
Prem Adib died on Dec 25, 1959 at the age of 42 in Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Nirala Hindustan
Station Master
Bharat Milap
Ram Rajya

Anokhi Ada
Maa Ka Pyar
Lav Kush
Bhagawat Mahima
Ganga Maiyya
Samrat Pritviraj Chauvan
Bhakt Raj
Bhole Bhole
Khan Bahadur
Ghunghat Waali

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