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Sando Krishnan was an artiste who worked for mainly Malayalam and Tamil films but acted in numerous films of Telugu,Kannada,Hindi,Simhala languages also.He worked mainly as Stunt Master,Villain,dupe of Superstars and  also worked as supporting actor.Because  Krishnan  was a Stunt Master, and had a good physique  he got the title 'Sando' and became popularised as 'Sando Krishnan.
He entered film industry in 1934 by acting as 'Angada' in the silent movie 'Bali Sugreeva' of 1934.
He got much accolades for his first 'Hanuman' role in the film 'Sampoorna Ramayanam' in which NTR was the hero.Later he has acted as Hanuman in several other films in different languages.
'Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi' was his first Malayalam film.Last film in Malayalam was 'Meesa Madhavan.'                
He could act with MGR,NTR,Sivaji Ganesan,Prem Nazir,Sathyan and many other superstars of yesteryears.Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair was one who used to appreciate his skills.
He spent his last years in  Lakidi Chitranandapuram at his wife's residence.After the death of his wife he was leading a lonely life.He left this world on July 6, 2013.Sando Krishnan was 97.
Selected Filmography
Bali Sugreeva
Sampoorna Ramayanam
Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi
Minnuthellam Ponnalla
Aryankavu Kollasangham
Nithya Kanyaka
Thacholi Marumakan Chandu

Ithikkara Pakki
Nagamadathu Thampuratty
Hello Madras Girl
Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyayi
Kumara Sambhavam
Malayalimamanu Vanakkam
Meesa Madhavan

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