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Prem Nawas was the brother of  Prem Nazir, the evergreen hero of Malayalam Cinema.Prem Nawas's real
name was Abdul Wahab.
Prem Nawas debuted in to Malayalam film as the hero  of  'Koodapirappu' in 1956.Ambika
was  the heroine of that film.Ambika had her appearance in a film 'Visappinte Vili' earlier but Koodapirappu
was the film as heroine for the first time.T.S.Muthaiah,Muthukulam,Adoor Pankajam,Kumari Thankam etc acted in that film which was a success.This was the debut film of director J.D.Thottan.The songs 'Thumbi Thumbi Va Va' sung by Santha P.Nair and 'Manivarnane innu njan kandu sakhi' sung by M.L.Vasantha Kumari are  still famous.
Prem Nawas resembled Prem Nazir in looks but it was Prem Nazir who had much more personality in looks
as well as acting skills.Therefore Prem Nawas appeared in films occasionally only and he concentrated more
on Production of Malayalam films.
Some of the films produced by Prem Nawas were very Popular like '1967 film 'Agniputri' which was a super hit.The song 'Kannu Thurakkatha Daivangale Karayanariyatha chirikkanariyatha kaliman prathimakale  marakoo ningalee devadasiye marakkoo marakkoo' is still very much loved.He produced films 'Thulavarsham,

Poojakkedukkatha Pookkal,Neethi,Keni' etc which were all hits.
Prem Nawas is having the credit  as the first hero of the first color film ever made in Malayalam which is
'Kandam Becha Coat'.This film was produced by T.R.Sundaram of Modern Theatres,Salem who was the Producer of first Malayalam talkie 'Balan'.Prem Nawas,Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair,Nellikkodu Bhaskaran,
T.S.Muthaiah,Nilambur Ayisha,Pankajavally etc acted in that film.It was the first directional venture of T.R.Sundaram in Malayalam.Nellikkodu Bhaskaran debuted in this film also.The film was a big success.It dealt the theme of the problems of dowry system.
In the 1968 film 'Karthika' Prem Nawas acted as brother of character  'Karthika' which was  the title role  and  was acted by actress Sarada.
The song and song scene of 'Ikkareyanente thamasam akkareyanente manasam ponnanijethiya madhumasam
ennullil choriyunnu ragarasam' is still very much liked and popular.It was sung by Yesudas and Susheela and the music was by Baburaj.The song sequence  was acted by Prem Nawas and
S.Mallika Devi.
Prem Nawas also acted in the  film 'Kaalam Marunnu' in which Sathyan,Thikkurissi,Chandini etc were in the cast.
He had an important role in the blockbuster film 'Nellu' of 1974 which was directed by Ramu Kariyattu.
Prem Nawas's son Prem Kishore had also acted in two Malayalam films 'Vacation, and 'Thaskara Puthran'.
Selected Filmography
As an actor
Kaalam Marunnu
Kandam Becha Coat
As a Producer
Poojakkedukkatha Pookkal

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