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Nellikkodu Bhaskaran was a very popular actor of Malayalam cinema during the period 60's 70's and 80's.
He debuted in the first ever Malayalam color film 'Kandam Becha Coat' which was directed and produced by
Modern Theatres Salem's owner T.R.Sundaram.It was the first Malayalam film directed by T.R.Sundaram.
Afterwards   Nellikkodu Bhaskaran  got chances in good films like Bharya,Pattu Thoovala,Ezhu Rathrikal,Nadhi,Ummachu,Olavum
Theeravum,Karakanakkadal etc.

Bharya was a blockbuster film of 1962 in which Sathyan and Ragini were in lead roles and directed by Kunchacko.In that film Sathyan was in the role of an Instructor by name 'Benny' in a tutorial College and Nellikkodu Bhaskaran acted as a student of that institution.'Ezhu Rathrikal'  was a nice movie directed by Ramu Kariat  in which J.C.Kuttikattu(Director Jecey later) was the hero.
Ummachu was a superhit film which was written by  novelist 'Uroob'.The film 'Olavum Theeravum' which was directed by P.N.Menon was the best film of 1971 in which Madhu and Usha Nandini were in lead roles.

In the film 'Karakanakkadal' in which Sathyan,Madhu,Jayabharathi,Adoor Pankajam,Adoor Bhavani,Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Sankaradi,T.R.Omana were in the cast Nellikkodu Bhaskaran acted as the son of Sankaradi and
T.R.Omana who was a military man.The proposal to marry Sathyan's daughter Jayabharathi by Nellikkodu
Bhaskaran's character was in the air but not materialized.
In the film 'Nadhi' Nellikkodu Bhaskaran handled an important and noted character.In that film he had the role
as a Romeo who was roaming always with a camera and filming beautiful girls.He was very much eager to
get married but his parents were not showing any interest.His dealings with the character of  'Sharada'
creates some problems and calamities in the story.Three families spending their vacation on a serene place
on the basin of Periyar River in their own house boats was the story of 'Nadhi'. The happenings during that
short period of time was shown brilliantly by the director A.Vincent with beautiful photography  by P.N.Sundaram and A.Venkat.The film contained beautiful songs written by Vayalar and music composed by Devarajan.The song "Ayiram Padasarangal Kilungi Aluvapuzha pinneyum ozhuki" is still very much popular.
In the film 'Mukkuvane Snehicha Phootham' in which Unni Mary was the heroine Nellikkodu Bhaskaran  handled an important role.
In the  first 70mm Malayalam film 'Padayottam' he handled the role as a slave 'Kunjali'.Prem Nazir handled the role as 'Udayan' and Thickurissi acted as 'Kolathiri Maharajah'.The slave 'Kunjali' was a trusted worker of
Maharajah and he saved the Rajah's daughter and informed 'Udayan' about the secret of a treasure also.
In another Vadakkan Pattu story film 'Kadathanadan Ambady' he handled a notable role.That film in which
Prem Nazir and Mohan Lal were in lead roles directed by Priya Darshan in 1985-86 was released only
in 1990.
In the horror film 'Lisa' also Nellikkodu Bhaskaran acted in a good role.That film directed by 'Baby' was
super hit and the director came to be known as 'Lisa Baby' later on because of the fame of that film.
Nellikkodu Bhaskaran was selected as second Best Actor by Kerala Government for his performance
in the film 'Maram' of 1972.The song 'Pathinalam Ravudichathu manatho kallayi kadavatho' is from 'Maram'.
In the 1983 film 'Arabikkadal' he acted with Mohan Lal,Mammootty and Madhu together.
Nellikkodu Bhaskaran also acted in the blockbuster film of Jayan 'Sarapanjaram'.
Some other films in which Nellikkodu Bhaskaran
Excelled nicely are Manaswini,Udyogastha,Kavyamela and Moodupadam.
Kavyamela got National award as the Best Malayalam film of that year.
Selected Filmography
Kandam Becha Coat
Pattu Thoovala
Ezhu Rathrikal
Sthanarthi Saramma
Olavum Theeravum
Kadathanadan Ambady
Vilkkanundu Swapnangal
Mukkuvane Snehicha Phootham
Poo Viriyum Pulari
Loose Loose Arappiri Loose
Oothikachiya Ponnu
Oru Mukham Pala Mukham
Njan Kathirikkum
CID Nazeer

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