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Vishnu Vardhan was a very talented Versatile Actor of Kannada Cinema mostly in main roles and had also acted in Hindi,Telugu,Tamil and Malayalam movies also.His real name was 'Sampath Kumar' and the name
Vishnu Vardhan was adopted with his second film 'Naagarahaavu' in which he was the hero and which was directed by Puttana Kanagal.His debut film was National award winning movie 'Vamsa Vriksha' which was directed by Girish Karnad.
Vishnu Vardhan was so much loved by the people of Karnataka.They loved his way of acting and also his talent
in singing was much appreciated.Several of his songs are hits.He had released several devotional songs albums
also which received very good opinion from the public.When he died on 30 December 2009 due to Cardiac arrest his fans  were in deep agony because of his sudden departure.At the grounds of National College,Bangalore where his dead body was brought, millions of fans arrived to pay homage to him.There was a huge massive rally also to show the respect and love towards the great actor.Vishnu Vardhan was a very kind
person who helped so many poor people and was not interested to get publicity for his charity deeds.Many of his kind actions came to lime light after his death.There were agitations and protests in many parts of Karnataka
by the mourners on his death.So many fans committed suicide hearing the death of their dear hero.There was
hard work needed by the Police Officers to make the situations calm and to disperse the massive riots.This
happenings all showed how much deeper was the love towards Vishnu Vardhan, by the people of Karnataka.
                                               Vishnu Vardhan was born on 18 September 1950 at Mysore to H.L.Narayana Rao and Kamalakshamma.His father was involved in cinema field works like script writing and Music composing.His father was known for his collection of musical instruments.His sister was a Kathak dancer at
the royal Palace of Mysore.Vishnu Vardhan after his schooling from the native place got his degree from
National College Bangalore.
The first film 'Naagarahaavu' in which he acted as the hero was highly acclaimed by the critics and he became
a star from that movie itself.He received the 'angry man' image from that movie.He was termed as the angry young man of Kannada Cinema.He was also known as 'Sahasa Simha'  'Abhinava Bhargava' 'The Phoenix
of Indian Cinema' etc.He had acted in 220 films in his total three and a half decades of cinema service out of
which 200 were in Kannada,5Hindi,5Telugu,6Tamil and 3 Malayalam films.
He appeared for T.V. Serials also.It was in 1980 that when Shankar Nag  directed 'Malgudy days'  he
entrusted the main character role to Vishnu Vardhan.
His first film as the hero 'Naagarahaavu' which was directed by Puttanna Kanagal also launched the career
of another eminent actor of Kannada cinema which is none other than 'Ambareesh'.The story which is about
a tough guy who does not listen to anybody's advice and possess anger towards age old caste system was
wonderfully presented by Vishnu Vardhan and became an over night star.
'Hombisilu' which was written by 'Usha Navaratnaram' in which Vishnu and Arti acted together was an excellent film as well as 'Bandhana'written by the same author and dealt with the story of a doctor who loved his student.Vishnu Vardhan's 200th film in Kannada was released  in 2010 which was also a super hit.
Veerappa Nayaka is a film directed by S. Narayan which dealt with the story of a Gandhian's son becoming a Naxalite.In the film 'Prema loka' Vishnu Vardhan and Ambareesh acted together and both of them made
remarkable appearance.The film 'Makkala Sainya' was directed by actress Lakshmi in which Vishnu Vardhan and Sumithra acted in main roles.'Muthina Haara' and  'Kiladi Jodi' directed by Rajendra Singh Babu  were noted films.
He received Filmfare Award for Best Actor Five times
He is also recipient of Filmfare Life Time Achievement award.
He received Karnataka State Best Actor Award for Naagarahaavu in 1972
Best Actor award for Hombisilu in 1981,Best actor award for 'Bandhana' in 1984
'Suprabhata' in 1988,'Lali' in 1998, Veerappa Nayaka in 1999
'Deepavali' in 2000 and 'Aptharkshaka' in 2009.
He was given Honorary Doctorate from University of Bangalore.
Selected Filmography
Vamsa Vriksha
Seethe Alla Savithri
Bhootayyana Magha Ayyu
Professor Hucharaya
Anna Attige
Deva ragudi
Kalla Kula
Bhagya Jyothi
Devaru kottallaa
Makkala Bhagya
Bhangarada Gudi
Galate Samsara
Kiladi kittu
Rama Parashurama
Simha Jodi
Nagakala Bhairave
Onde Guri
Simha Garjana
Ee Jeeva Nina Gagi
Sathya Jyothi
Muthina Haara
Rajadhi Raja
Krishna Rukmini
Time Bomb
Hello Daddy
Kanaka Suputhra
Veerappa Nayaka
Ek Naya Ithihas (H)
Inspector Dhanush (H)
Ashaanth (H)
Zaalim (H)
Khaaki Vardi (H)
Adima Changala (Mal)
Samarpanam (Mal)
Kauravar (Mal)
Alaigal (T)
Sri Raghavendra (T)

Viduthalai (T)

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