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Meena was an exquisite actress of Malayalam Cinema who could manifest diversified character roles quite naturally.This versatile actress was active on the silver screen from the early 60's to the late 90's, and had
acted in more than 600 films.
Meena was born in Karuvatta of Alleppey District in Kerala State to parents Itty Cheriyan and Eliyamma as the youngest daughter.She took acting as her profession and  acted for more than six years in professional drama troupes like Changanasserry 'Geetha Arts' before joining the cinema field.
Whatever be the mannerism of the character to be portrayed,  the transition to that format by Meena was within
seconds and she performed fantastically well always.This ability was impressed by the directors and they were confident in her quality  so that she was cast in a large number of films every year.As a loving and caring
Mother,Mother-in -law,Sister in law she would be presenting that characters with ingenuity in  certain  films and at the same time in some other films the characters in the same category who were  cruel and wily would be presented with inimitable perfection was her  prodigious talent.
Meena had also possessing the power to display humor roles as well and so she could outpace other
female artists distinctively.Another quality of that actress was the boldness to wear any type of dress which suits the character she handles.She was not  bothered to wear a wet frock and dance with Adoor Bhasi for the song sequence "Panchavadiyile Vijayasreeyo Panchavankattile Raginiyo Cochin Expressile Vijayalalithayo Meranam
Jockerile Padminiyo Saradayo Sheelayo aaranu nee Jayabharathiyo".
Act with  fidelity to make the scene perfect for the audience to enjoy was her motto and her exalted thought as an actor in this regard should be appreciated.Many actresses keenly tries to keep their 'image'
and does not dress like that or act like that after gaining a strong position in the cinema field.Many artists are selective also and choose only roles which suits them well or  characters that they are confident to handle easily.Meena was
never selective in any respect throughout her career and proved herself that she was an adept personality.
She concentrated only on the roles and never thought about any kind of awards.She scarcely gave interviews
and the media was not informed much about her.She never proclaimed about herself but  we know that she was settled in Chennai and she is having a daughter who is a Doctor practicing in Chennai.
In films which were meant for entertainment purpose only like CID type films and comedy films  of  Prem Nazir
Adoor Bhasi used to be acting as the friend or aid of Prem Nazir.Bahadur would be Bhasi's friend and Sreelatha mostly acted as Adoor Bhasi's girl friend in most of these films.Sreelatha's mother would be
always Meena  in such type of films.Several films were released during 70's in this genre and Meena,Sreelatha,Adoor Bhasi and Bahadoor created numerous comedy scenes in large number of films which were directed by Sasi Kumar and A.B.Raj.
Meena was selected for most of the films of Sathyan Anthikkad because of her cinch for comedy.The only
actress which can be compared to Meena is Sukumari who possess the abilities similar to Meena.
Meena excelled in dialogue delivery also and by stressing certain words and saying some words awkwardly along with the palpable face expressions Meena managed to produce the desired effect always.
It is sad that Meena did not receive the recognition as per  her abilities.Meena left this world in September
1997 due to Cardiac arrest.
Selected Filmography
Ara Nazhikaneram
Aniyan Bawa Chettan Bawa
Mandanmar Londonil
Meleparambil Aanveedu
Padma Vyuham
Ayalathe Addeham
Mazhavil Kavady
Golanthara Vartha
Anchara Kalyanam
The Car
Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana
Kaliyil Alpam Karyam

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