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Jai Shankar was a versatile actor of Tamil films who acted in large number of films during 60's and 70's in
main roles.His acting talents was bestowed to him by nature and he was confident that he would get his share if the audience approves him.He worked hard utilizing his abilities to the fullest and was successful to cope with the super duper stars of that same generation, M.G.R,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan etc.without involving in any kind of gimmicks. He was able to earn the appreciation and  love of the audience and they made most of his films a big success at the box office.
Jai Shankar was the son of a Judicial Magistrate.His original name was Subramaniyam Shankar and  was brilliant at his studies.His father wanted him to follow his path and so after passing out Honours degree instructed him to join law college.At that period  the urge to act in dramas and in films  inspired him very much and so he quited his law college studies.His debut film was 'Iravum Pagalum' and it is a wonder that  his lastly appeared movie name was also 'Iravum Pagalum'.
Since he was a very versatile actor directors were able to utilize him for any kind of roles such as in comedy,melodrama,action suspense thriller,tragedy etc and he would be best always.More over he was
having a helping mind and so acted in films of un popular producers also for them to benifit financially.
Therefore large number of Jai Shankar films used to release mostly  in every week and so he was called
'Friday star' also since the releasing of new films was usually on  Fridays only.
His action films 'Vallavan Oruvan' and C.I.D.Shankar earned him the  'James Bond' image also.
He was referred to as 'Thennagathu James Bond'(South Indian James Bond).
In' Pattanathil Bootham' and 'Noottukku Nooru' he portrayed comedy  type characters.Noottukku Nooru was a K.Balachander film in which Jai Shankar was excellent.
In his movie 'Gayatri' Super star 'Rajani Kanth' in his early stage of acting appeared  as villain but when Rajani Kanth later turned out to be the successful Super star, in his films 'Murattukalai' and 'Thalapathi' Jai Shankar handled villain roles.
His suspense thriller films like 'Yaar Nee', 'Akka Thangai', 'Mannippu' etc were super hits.
Comedy films like 'Bommalattam', 'Ponn Vandu', 'Athaiya Mamiya', Aayiram Poi', etc were very  much appreciated by the audience.His film 'Soothattam' was also excellent.
There is a Charitable Trust in his name 'Jai Shankar Medical and Charitable Trust,Nungampakkam,Chennai'.
His son 'Dr.Vijay Shankar' is an eye surgeon who looks after the activities of the charitable trust.
Jai Shankar used to help so many people who were poor and needy without any kind of publicity.He was a person with so many good qualities.
He had  acted with almost all famous female heroines of that period.
Jai Shankar died of heart attack on June3,2000.Film viewers mourn his  early departure so much.
Selectd Filmography and actress there in
Iravum Pagalum                 - Vasantha
Iruvallavargal                      -VijayaLakshmi
Neelgiri Express
Vallavan Oruvan                - VijayaLakshmi
Vandikkaran Magan          -Jai Chitra
Nangu Killadigal                - Bharathi
Panchavarnakkili                -K.R.Vijaya
Gowri Kalyanam                -Jaya
Nil Gavani Kathali             - Vijaya Lakshmi
Kathal Pothuma                 -Rajasree
Uravadum Nenjam            - Chandra Kala
Akkarai Pachai                  -Lakshmi
Vettikku Veedu                 -Lakshmi
Poova Thalaya                   -Vennira Aadai Nirmala
Unnaithan Thampi              -Jaya Chitra
Noottukku Nooru             -Lakshmi
Vairam                              -Jayalalitha

Gayathri                             -Sridevi
Athai Mamiya                    -Usha Nandini
Kathal Jyothi                     -Kanchana
Kathal Paduthum Padu       -Vanisree
Kalyanamam Kalyanam     -Jayachitra
Cinema Paithyam               -Jaya Chitra
Palabhishekam                   - Sripriya
Bommalattam                    - Jaya Lalitha
Kannipenn                        -Lakshmi
Maanavan                         -Lakshmi
Avar enikke sontham        - Srividya
Nilave nee satchi               -K.R.Vijaya
Etu eppadi Irukku             - Sridevi
Muthuchippi                      -Jaya Lalitha
Aasai Manavi                    -Sujatha
Panakkara penn                -Jaya Chitra
Oruvanukku Oruthi           -Lakshmi
Nangu Suvargal                -Vanisree
Manasakshi                      - Ven Nira Aadai Nirmala
Kanni Theevu                   -Radhika
Oru kodiyail Iru malarkal  -Sujatha
Melathalangal                    -Sripriya
Karunthel Kannayiram      -Lakshmi
Kan Sivanthal Man
   Sivakkum                      -Poornima
Kaivarisai                        -Seema
Aasai Manavi                   -Sujatha
Akka Thangai                  -K.R.Vijaya
Ennai Paar Enn Azjakai
   Paar                              -Jaya Malini

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