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Divya Bharti was a beautiful charming girl born on February 25 1974 in Mumbai to parents OmPrakash Bharti and Meeta.While studying in the 9th standard itself that cute young lady had offers from cinema.Her ambition and inclination was also to become a famous heroine in Bollywood films.So she started her try to get in to films and ignored her studies by not attending the school for a long period of time.She was offered some proposal in some films but nothing materialized. She was dropped from the school also and in that frustrated situation in 1990 she
got an offer to act in a Telugu film of  an eminent producer.She was offered the role of heroine opposite 'Venkitesh' who was the producer's son.She accepted that role and that film 'Bobbli Raja' turned out to be a big hit in Telugu thereby her name got popularized in Andhra Pradesh.Bobbli Raja was dubbed to Hindi as 'Rampur ka Raja'.
Meanwhile she got a role in a Tamil film 'Nila Penne' opposite 'Anand'  which was not a big success.But  she was in much demand for Telugu films and within a short period from 1990 to 1993 she appeared in 7 Telugu films which were all hits there.She  appeared with Krishna,Chiranjeevi,Prasanth,Mohan Babu ,Balakrishna etc. in Telugu.She had the second position in Telugu next to Vijayasanthi and was given good renumeration also.Vidya Bharati but was focusing on Bollywood films and was happy when she was signed for the  first Hindi film in late 90.The film 'Vishwatma' which was produced by big production house 'Trimurti films' had scheduled to shoot large part of the film at Kenya.Sunny Deol acted as her hero and it was his debut film.The film was a success at the box office and Vidya Bharti got established in Bollywood.Even before the release of that film she was cast in to other Hindi films.When the film 'Vishwatma' was released on 24th January 1992 she was praised for her immaculate acting talents and thrilling dancing capabilities.Her resemblance to actress Sridevi was noted by the critics also.The song and  sequence of 'Saat Samundar' was praised by all and still remembered by film goers.
Afterwards her film 'Dil ka kya Kasoor' was released  which was not a success but her character was good.
She acted as a poetess in the film opposite 'Prithvi'.It was directed by 'Lawrence D'Souza.In another film 'Jaan se Pyara' directed by 'Anand' she had the character as 'Sharmila'.Actor Govinda had a dual role in this film which boosted his acting career.The film was a success.
The biggest hit of 1992 was 'Deewana' which was directed by 'Raj Kanwar'.Shahrukh Khan debuted in this film Rishi Kapoor was also in the main role.Her character was as 'Kaajal' who loved songs and dance and appeared in stage shows etc.
In 1992 another film directed by Anand 'Balwan' introduced 'Sunil Shetty' to Hindi films.This action film was also a grosser at box office in which Divya Bharti appeared as character 'Priya'.Yet another film of Shahrukh Khan 'Dil Ashna Hai' was not a success in which she was having the role of a bar dancer.Film "Shola aur Shabnam' was a big hit.Govinda was the hero in that film.
Thus during the 92-93 period, Divya Bharti the cute and charming girl who was under twenty years old enticed the masses by manifestation of a variety of fantastic roles and presenting thrilling dance sequences.She was considered the 3rd position in Bollywood next to Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi.She was signed in to several other film projects also.
It is said that at the age of 16 she was secretly married to a film producer and also it is said that she got married earlier to avoid gossips about her with young actors.
On April 5 1993 she fell off her apartment which was on the 5th floor of the building in Mumbai causing her death.She was  only 19 years old.Some of her films which were completed earlier were released after her death.
Bobbli Raja-Telugu- Venkitesh
Nila Penne -Tamil-Anand
Naa Ille Naa Swargam-Telugu-Krishna
Rowdy Alladu-Telugu-Chiranjeevi
Dharma Kshetram-Telugu-Balakrishna
Chimma Mogudu-Mohan Babu
Assembly Rowdy-Telugu-Mohan Babu
Tholi Muddhu-Telugu-Prasanth
Hindi films
Vishwatma-Sunny Deol
Shola aur Shabnam-Govinda
Dil Ka kya kasoor-Prithvi
Jaan se Pyara-Govinda
Deewana-Rishi Kapoor/Sharukh
Balwan-Sunil Shetty
Dil Ashna Hai-Sharukh Khan
Dil Hi To Hai-Jackie Shroff
Kshatriya-Sanjay Dutt
Rang-Kamal Sadanah
Shatraj-Jackie shroff

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