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Amjad Khan earned name and fame all over India and abroad from the character 'Gabbar Singh' of film
Sholay(1975) which is still a super hit movie.Perhaps the most hatred villain character on Indian film screen is Gabbar Singh.For the creation of such a character the credit should be divided among the writer and director also but
every body will agree that 75% of the credit goes to Amjad Khan.He deserves  much praise for precisely presenting
that dacoit  with perfection and made it immortal.Amjad Khan with his peculiar mannerisms and vibrant dialogues earned maximum detestation from the audience towards Gabbar Singh.
Amjad Khan was born on 12th November 1940 at Hyderabad and was the son of legendary actor Jayant.He lived and studied in Mumbai.He was a student of  R.D.National College Bandra, and there he was elected student representative as General Secretary from which we can assume that he had leadership qualities from very young.Because of this quality after becoming a cinema star he served as administrator for their association also.
Before joining cinema he had theater experience.When he was 17 years old he appeared in a film 'Love and God' but it released after several years in 1986 only.His debut film was 'Hindustan ki Kasam'.When he was offered the villain role in Sholay he did enough home work before joining the film unit.He tried to collect details about the life style of dacoits and in that efforts read a book' Abhisapth Chambal' written by Taroon Kumar Bhaduri(Jaya Bhaduri's Father).Sholay was filmed in  a span of two years without any hurry from the actors and producer. Director Ramesh Sippy tried to make every frame excellent.When it was released on August 15th 1975 initially  there was cool response only from the audience and the worried director even thought of changing some scenes.Amitabh Bachchan's character is dying in the film and they were thinking to change that scene also.Mean while by mouth publicity the film started to turn to be a super duper hit of all the history of Indian Cinema.At Mumbai Minerva theater
it was exhibited consecutively for more than five years.There are several people who saw that film more than 50 times.It was a hobby for the youngsters to imitate the dialogues and mannerisms of Gabbar Singh.It was the most popular character Amjad Khan presented on silver screen.
In most of the films he was in negative roles and villain characters.He had acted unconventional characters in many Amitabh Bachchan films.In 'Shatranj ke Khiladi'(1977) directed by Satyajit Ray he handled the role of a helpless Monarch.
He directed two films, Chor Police(1983) and Ameer Aadmee Gareeb Aadmee (1985) which were not very successful.
Chakkar pe chakkar, a Sashi Kapoor and Rekha film,Muqquaddar ka sikkander of Amitabh and Rakhee,Chambal ke Kasam directed by Ram Meherwani, Naseeb(1981) an Amitabh film of Man Mohan Desai,Lawaris,Dada were all good films of Amjad Khan.
In 1985 he acted in a Malayalam film 'Ee Lokam Ivide Kure Manushyar'.He had acted in some Telugu and Kannada films as well.
In 1986 he met with an accident on his way to Goa in a car.The drugs administered to him during treatment
resulted in putting up excessive body weight which could not be controlled and resulted in heart attack on
27th July 1992 causing everybody very sad.
Selected Filmography
Chakkar pe chakkar
Hum kisi se kum nahin
Khasam khoon ki
Khoon pasina

Shatranj ke Khiladi
Apna khoon
Des Pardes
Ganga ki Sougand
Kasme Vaade
Muqaddar ka sikkandar
Chambal ki Rani
Do Shikari
Chambal ki Kasam
Pyara Dushman
Barsat ki ek Raat
Hum se badkar kaun
Khoon ka Rista
Ladies tailor
Maafi manga khoon
Pet pyar aur pap
Ma Kasam
Love and God
Bees saal baad
Do waqt ki roti
Khuli Khidki
Sitapur ki Geeta

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