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Adoor Bhasi was the top comedian artiste of Malayalam Cinema during .60's.70's and 80's.Even though several other actors namely  S.P.Pillai,Paul Vengola,Manavalan Joseph,Alummoodan,Bahadoor etc were comedians during those period, he was in the unchallenged position as the Best Comedian  throughout
his cinema acting career.This quality was inborn to him because he was the son of E.V.Krishna Pillai, a wonderful humorist writer of short stories and essays.His father was  also famous as a lawyer,dramatist and social activist as member of
Travancore Legislative assembly.His mother Maheswari Amma's father was C.V.Raman Pillai, the author of first historical novel of Malayalam 'Marthandavarma.' C.V.Raman Pillai is much respected for his  novels like 'Dharma Raja' and 'Ramaraja Bahadoor' etc also.Bhasi's real name was K.Bhaskaran Nair and was born on March 2, 1927..In his childhood days Adoor Bhasi was staying at 'Rosscote Bunglaw' of C.V.Raman Pillai at Trivandrum and he shifted to Adoor after the demise of his father at an early age of 44.
                                                           After finishing school studies at Adoor, he returned back to Trivandrum and passed a diploma course in Textile Chemistry.He could not take up a job permanently in that sector but for twelve years worked as Manager of a Press and also a magazine at Trivandrum..During these period he used to act in radio drama skits of All India Radio Station in Trivandrum.This enabled him to make contacts with famous people like Kainikkara
Kumara Pillai,Kainikkara Padmanabha Pillai,Thikkurissi,Jagathy N.K.Achari,P..K.Venukkuttan Nair,Veera Raghavan Nair,T.N.Gopinathan Nair, Aranmula Pannamma,Mavelikkara Ponnamma etc.The appreciation he received from all these eminent artists gave him confidence to act in films.His elder brother 'Chandraji'  had entered in to Hindi films and later returned to Chennai and was acting in south Indian  films at that time.This was also a reason which inspired him to join cinema field.
Adoor Bhasi's debut film was 'Thiramala' in which he had a  small role and in the next film 'Mudiyanaya Puthren'(1961) he was noted for his character.From thereon Adoor Bhasi became an inevitable part of Malayalam cinema till his death on 29th March 1990.He was unmarried.
Adoor Bhasi acted in many number of films and in several films he appeared with S.P.Pillai  and Bahadoor as a trio but in large number of films Adoor Bhasi and Bahadoor was the combination like Laurel and Hardy.During the 70's there were several commercial films released which were directed by 'Sasi Kumar' and 'A.B.Raj' most of them with Prem Nazir as the hero.Many C.I.D. type films were also made mainly for emtertainment purpose only.Adoor Bhasi and Bahadoor would be given roles in these films as hero's assistants or friends.
It was the duty and task for Bhasi and Bahadoor to create comedy for such films since their roles would not be in the screen play.The theme and dialogues for the comedy scenes were written by themselves for most of these type films.They included female artists like Meena,Sreelatha etc also with them to workout their comedy plot.(Later things have changed and comedy artists will have their distinct roles and dialogues written by script writers itself.)Adoor Bhasi felt this task easy  since he was the son of a humorist writer and so he  had the talent and imagination to create and write comedy scenes whenever necessary.
During his earlier days in cinema, once Adoor Bhasi,Thikkurissi and some other film workers met the then
Chief Minister of Kerala 'Pattom Thanu Pillai'.When 'Pattom' came to know that 'Adoor Bhasi' was 'E.V.Krishna Pillai's son and grandson of C.V.Raman Pillai, he was astonished and told  him to earn name and fame and not spoil father's name.In the course of time Adoor Bhasi earned good reputation and fame much more than  E.V.Krishna Pillai.
Adoor Bhasi directed three Malayalam films -Reghu Vamsam,Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana, and Aadya Paadam.He sang comedy songs for several films.He was in the title role as hero for the film 'Viruthan Sanku'
directed by Venu.In most of the films he handled comedy roles but he could present other type of roles as well.He got awards for his character roles rather than comedy because during those times there was no award for comedy artists.He got Kerala government Best actor award in 1974 for his excellent character role as
engine pilot of trains  in  'Chattakkari'.It was based on a novel written by 'Pamman' in the same name.Adoor Bhasi,Sankaradi,Meena,Lakshmi,Sukumari,Sujatha,Mohan,Reena,Bahadoor,M.G.Soman etc acted in that film.Both Bhasi and Bahadoor were having serious character roles in Chattakkari.The story dealt with the life style of Anglo Indian society of Kerala and their innocence.Adoor Bhasi's character buying a secondhand car and while back home after seeing a cinema had to push the car half of the way.Adoor Bhasi,Sukumari,Lakshmi and Reena pushing the car singing a comedy song  created laughter and was the only comedy scene in that picture. He got Kerala government Best actor award for the film 'Cheriyachante Kroorakrithyangal' in which he was the hero and  directed by famous director 'John Abraham'.The Pune Film Institute diploma holder John Abraham's perspectives were different than usual and  he demanded realistic scenes.As an actor Bhasi agreed to suffer all difficulties and had to climb on a coconut tree also for a scene in that film.Bhasi was confident about the skill of John Abraham and co-operated with him gladly for all difficult scenes.The result was tremendously well that Bhasi was praised  by critics  for  his ability to act any type of roles other than comedy.Adoor Bhasi was very happy when that film earned much fame and he got Kerala State Best Actor award in the year 1978..He got second Best actor award for film 'April 18' in the year 1984 which was written and directed by Bala Chandra Menon.Adoor Bhasi,Bala Chandra Menon,Adoor Bhavani,Shobhana,Venu Nagavally,Unni Mary,Bharat Gopi etc acted in that film.Menon as a sub Inspector of Police was living according to good ethics where as Adoor Bhasi's character as Menon's father-in-law wanted to exploit him for doing illegal deeds for making extra profits in his contract and other business.Inspector was not willing and the consequences thereupon are the story thread of that film.He was in double role for film 'Kottaram Vilkkanundu' and handled villain roles in 'Karimbana' and 'Itha oru Manushyan'.
Out of the comedy songs sung by him,"Kuruvi petti nammude petti kaduva pettiku votilla" in 'Sthanarthi Saramma', "Oru roopa notu koduthal oru laksham koode porum" in 'Lottery Ticket' and "Thallu thallu thallu thallu pannasu vandi" in ' Chattakkari' were very famous.
Some of his Films
Veluthambi Dalawa
Ammaye Kaanan
Karutha Kai
Adya Kiranangal
Odayain Ninnu
Thommante Makkal
Ina Pravukal
Sthanarthi Saramma
Kanaka Chilanka
Iruttinte Athmavu
Punnapra Vayalar
Agni Pareeksha
Rest House
Pearl View
Kannur Deluxe
Marunattil Oru Malayali
Kavalam Chundan
Thikkurissi and Adoor Bhasi
Oru Penninte Kadha
Lanka Dahanam
Kara kanakkadal
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Postumane Kananilla
Vilakku Vangiya Veena
Maravil Thiruvu Sookshikkuka
Gandharva Kshetram
Achanum Bappayum
Sasthram Jayichu Manuhsyan  Thottu
Bhadra Deepam
Thacholi Marumakan Chandu
Raja Hamsam
Sethu Bhandhanam
Arakkallan Mukkal Kallan
Neela Kannukal
College Girl
Ayalathe Sundari
Chottanikkara Amma
Hello Darling
Chief Guest
Boy Friend
Alibabayum 40 Kallanmarum
Itha Ivide vare
C.V.Raman Pillai on his 60th Birthday.
Aadya padam
Kadathanattu Makkam
Cheiyachante Kroora krityangal
Aval Viswasthayayirunnu
Arum Anyaralla
Kathir Mandapam
Chiriyo Chiri
Pacha Velicham
Rajavinte Makan
E.V.Krishna Pillai
Rakkuyilin Ragasadassil
Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar
Manivathoorile Ayiram Sivarathrikal

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