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Srividya was a very talented actress who was active in Tamil,Malayalam and Telugu films for a long span of forty
years.Born to a Tamil film comedian actor Krishna Murthy and Carnatic classical singer M.L.Vasantha Kumari, in Chennai on July 24 1953, she had the artistic talents by birth.Her father could not continue his profession from her childhood itself because of ill health and so her mother was so busy with her musical concerts for financial stability.Moreover M.L.Vasantha Kumari was a legend in Carnatic Music and had many fans in all the states of south India.She had to travel all over south India with her musical concerts.Srividya also used to accompany her to many concerts and played some musical instruments like veena in her mother's concerts.By attending several concerts she was also converted to an excellent Carnatic Classical singer.Moreover she had been trained in Carnatic Music from other teachers and also provided training for classical dance  from her childhood itself.
Srividya became  an expert in classical dance and classical music at the age of 15-16 itself.Her entry in to film field was as a child artist.She would have turned in to a classical singer if she did not enter films.Her debut film was 'Thiruvarutchelvar' - a Sivaji film.Afterwards in Malayalam film 'Kumara Sambhavam' she was introduced by the legend P.Subramanyam, who was Producer/Studio owner/Director.
Then she got a chance in a Telugu film in 1972 which was directed by  a great director' Dasari Narayana Rao'.
At that time Srividya was lucky enough to work under  established producers and eminent directors by which she could earn a reputation and fame.Those days K.Balachander was a well acclaimed director in Tamil and by his films 'Delhi to Madras' and Apoorva Ragangal' Sreevidya entered in to the hearts of the cine goers.
'Apoorva Ragangal' had some peculiar mentions that both Kamal Hassan and Rajani Kanth acted in that film.
Sreevidya was the heroine of both of them in that film.This was in the year 1975 by which she became a well famed actress in Tamil.
During those periods she was engaged in Malayalam movies also.In 1974 a film by name 'Ayalathe Sundari' was released which was produced by Dr.Balakrishnan and directed by Hariharan.Jayabharathi and Srividya were the heroines in that film. Adoor Bhasi, andBahadoor,had important roles in that film   and Prem Nazir was the hero.The popular song 'Laksharchana kandu madangumbol oru  Lajjayil mungiya mukham kandu..' is from that movie.
She had acted in another movie those days directed by Sasi Kumar by name 'Aaranya Kandam' and afterwards acted in 'Swamy Ayyappan' which was a block buster film of P.Subramanyam.From the film 'Hridayam oru Kshetram' onwards Srividya  was accepted as a member of the family by all Keralites.Madhu and Srividya were considered as the best pair  by the film critics of Malayalam cinema.In so many films this pair appeared later and most of them turned to be hits also.
In 1977 Madhu directed a film 'Theekkanal' in which Madhu,Srividya,Vidhubala,Mohan,Kanakadurga etc were in main roles.The film was a very big success.During the sets of that film Srividya fell in love with the executive producer of that film George Thomas and they got married without the consent of Srividya's  family members.
The marriage proved to be a failure later on with so many conflicts  and  they had to divorce.After her divorce Srividya settled in Trivandrum and mainly concentrated on  Malayalam films .Meanwhile she had changed to supporting character roles like elder sister roles and mother roles only.In these kinds of roles also she could establish  a reputation in many films like 'Kattathe Klikkoodu.Ennennum Kannettante,Ente Soorya Puthrikku,Thinkalazcha Nalla Divasam, and many more.
She was play back singer in some films like 'Ayalathe Sundari',Oru Painkili Kadha,and Nakshatra Tharaattu.'
Srividya found time to act in some Malayalam T.V. serials also.

She was found victim of Breast cancer in 2005 She had undergone treatment but in 2006 on October 14 she succumbed to death.Her funeral was done in Trivandrum and people from all sectors gathered to pay homage to her.
Some of her Best Films

Appoorva Raagangal
Arjun Pandit
Ayalathe Sundari
Aaranya Kandam
Hridayam oru Kshetram
Puthiya velicham
Jeevitham Oru Ganam
Pathira Sooryan
Danta Gopuram
Ambala Vilakku
Chakkara Umma
Edavazhiyile poocha minda poocha
Alavudeenum Atbhutha Vilakkum
Vilkkanundu swapnangal
Attimari Aakramanam
Pin Nilavu
Kattathe Kilikkoodu
Aadaminte variyellu
Thinkalazhcha Nalla Divasam
Azhiyatha Bandhangal
Vivahithare Ithile
Ennennum Kannettante
Swathi Thirunal
Apoorva Sahodarargal
Kondaveeti Donga
Ente Sooryaputhrikku
Balarama Krishnalu
Kadhal Desam
Anari Do Khiladi
The Prince Aniyathi Pravu
Poonila Mazha
Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranaya Kalathu
Kadhalukku Mariyadai
Agni Sakshi
Kandu Konden Kandu Konden
Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam
Swapnam Kondu Thulabharam

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