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.Smita Patil was a role model to many people since she was a feminist  indulged
in genuine causes to stop evils in society and worked for the welfare of Indian woman.She was considered as
a strong woman capable of doing many good things for the society.
Smita Patil was born to a Maharastrian family at Shirpur town on 17th October 1955.Her father was Shivajirao, a politician.Her mother
was a social worker and that may be the reason for her inspiration to work for the society.She was member in many social organisations which helped poor and suppressed women.
She got  the training for acting from the Pune Film and T.V. Institute. Smita Patil  was
able to get polished her acting skills from the Institute.Apart from that she could watch several world classic
cinemas and study about them.Thus she became a well refined fabulous actress capable of acting any kind  of roles.Her expressions and gestures were amazingly brilliant.Her transformation to the character was excellent
with quite natural movements.
During the 70's and 80's it was the time of realistic and parallel cinema and so many good directors were
making noted films with variety subjects.Reputed personalities like Shyam Benegal , Mrinal Sen and Govind Nihalani utilized
her skills.
Smita Patil's debut film was Charandas Chor(1975) which was directed by Shyam Benegal.
She was in the lead roles of many Marathi and Hindi films.She acted on stage and worked as T.V. News reader also.
In the year 1977 she got National award for the film Bhoomika.In 1982 she got another National film award for film Chakra.Filmfare award for best actress was given for Chakra in the same year.In 1985 she got
Padmasree award.
Smita Patil proved herself versatile by acting in several commercial films also.She acted in films of B.R.Chopra,Ramesh Sippy etc.Her performance in films like Shakti and Namak Halal were praised by all.
.Snita Patil passed away on 13th December 1986.
Her acting was well praised  in films like Nishant,Mandi,Mirch Masala etc.
Some of her films


Namak Halal
Mirch Masala
Bhavni Bhavai
Dard ka Rista
Mera Ghar Nera Bache
Ardh satya
Aaj ki Aawaz
Aap ke saath
Dance Dance
Galion ke Badsha

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