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Sanjeev Kumar was a great actor in Bollywood with unparalleled acting skills of par excellence.He had exceptional capabilities of voice control which was effectively used to glorify his characters.Modulated voice control,an expressive face which could reflect all the nine emotions brilliantly, natural gestures and movements adequate to the concerned situations was all widely appreciated.He was not generally called for acting simple roles like dancing with the heroines and chasing them around trees singing romantic love songs.He was sought for presenting characters which needed much efforts for creation.He also loved to act in films which his role demanded much acting skills and took them as a challenge.He was able to play many characters with subtlety and with indefinable quality to the amazement of movie goers.
Sanjeev Kumar's real name was Harihar Jariwala  and was born in Bombay on 9th July 1938 in a traditional Gujarati Family.The family hailed from Surat and was settled in Bombay.After undergoing a diploma course at Filmalaya acting school he started acting in films.Before that  he had an appearance in the film 'Alibaba and 40 thieves'.
He had a small role in 'Hum Hindusthani' and afterwards got leading roles in many films. As an actor he was well praised for the film 'Sunghursh(68) from which his acting career got a boost.Seeta Aur Geetha and Manchali also received much praise.'Khilona'
was a film which earned him much applause as  an efficient actor.The movie had melodious songs and the  presence of actress Mumtaz  in it was nice.  The miserable sorrows of his character in Khilona earned pity..Then followed another fine appearance in the film 'Parichay' in which he carved his character brilliantly appropriate. .Parichay(72) and Koshish(72) enhanced  his fame as a wonderful acting talent.In the film 'Koshish' as a deaf and dumb man he presented marvelous acting.Jaya Bhaduri on the counter part  had also acted tremendously well.To convey all the grief and grievances the mute characters could employ only gestures and expressions.It  was really a challenge and in several scenes the audience were moved with sorrow of those characters.
An actor should have the ability to observe the society in a perceptive manner to grab the mannerism of different people in varied situations.Then only they can enact in diversified roles and sequences effectively.The spectators in cinema halls are aware that what is happening on the screen is unreal.But the actor utilizing his talents when present the characters with natural emotions,gestures and movements the viewer gets a real feeling.Sanjeev Kumar was blessed with these kind of abilities.To induce such an effect and impact several factors are needed such as appealing story and screenplay, selection of beautiful locations,better scenic arrangements and an ideal director.All these factors were given prominence  by 'Gulzar' and Sanjeev Kumar's association with Gulzar proved to be a boon for film lovers.
'Gulzar' is a wonderful writer,lyricist and director who created fantastic movies which were all admired by the society.Gulzar under his direction and creativity made nine films with Sanjeev Kumar in the lead roles.As a writer Gulzar excelled very well and direction wise also his films were well presented in all factors such as
story,dialogues,songs,location and finally  he included actors and actresses most suited to the characters.Sanjeev Kumar could vivify the characters as per the expectation of writer-director 'Gulzar' and so films like 'Mausam(75),Aandhi(75),Angoor(81),Namkeen(82) etc are all super creations in every respect.
Sanjeev Kumar took the challenge to take nine different roles in one  film 'Naya Din Naya Raat(74) and presented nicely.This film was the remake of Tamil Film 'Nava Rathiri' in which Sivaji Ganesan handled all those roles successfully well.
In the eighties Vidhata(82) and Hero(83) were two films which got appreciation.He had the chance to act in Sathyajit Ray's film 'Shatraj ke Khiladi'(77) and in a Punjabi film 'Fauji Chacha'.(80)
Sanjeev Kumar did not hesitate to accept older characters and side roles also.As an artist he longed for characters with succulent essence for enabling him to utilize his acting ability.So it was not difficult for him to act as Jaya Bhaduri's lover in Koshish and Anamika and her father's role in 'Parichay'.He was Jaya Bhaduri's father in law in 'Sholay'.He acted perfectly well in  older roles in 'Aandhi' Mausam.Trisul etc.He superseded his co-stars in multi-starred films
with regard to performance.
His conspicuous appearance as Dwaraka N Prasad in 'Sunghursh',humble husband in 'Aandhi' Business man in 'Trisul' Swamy Rahasyanand in 'Naya Din Naya Raat' Thakur Baldev Singh in 'Sholay' Deaf and dumb man
in 'Koshish' The poor Vijay in 'Khilona' Gerulal, the truck driver in 'Numkeen' etc etc were all diversified roles which ignited his acting prowess.
Shikkar,Khilona,Koshish,Aandhi,Sholay,Mausam,Arjun Pandit,Zindagi,Pati Patni aur Woh,Devta,Trisul,Angoor,Vidhata are some of his very best films.
We have to appreciate the very nicely talented heroines who acted with him to make those films a treat for the eyes and mind.Vaijayanthimala,Malasinha,Waheeda Rehman,Sharmila Tagore,Shabana Aazmi,Rakhee,Mausami Chatterjee,Jaya Bhaduri,Smitha Patil etc deserves much admiration.
He got National Film award for Best Actor twice and Film fare award for Best actor thrice.
Sanjeev Kumar left this world on 6th November 1985 at the age of 47 because of heart disease He was a bachelor.Some of his films were released after his death.He was such an acting talent of sublimity that no film goers will ever forget him.
Some of his films and heroine there in:-
Aandhi                                    -Suchitra Sen
Aap Ki Kasam                        -Mumtaz
Seeta Aur Geetha                    -Hema Malini
Khilona                                   -Mumtaz
Mausam                                  -Sharmila Tagore
Silsila                                       -JayaBhaduri
Devta                                      -ShabanaAazmi
Shikkar                                   -Ashaparekh
Nishan                                    -Nazima
Sunghursh                                -Vaijayanthimala
Thumareliye                             -Vidyasinha
Nauker                                    -Jaya Bhaduri
Destak                                     -Rehna Sulthan
Shaandar                                  -Sharmila Tagore
Griha Pravesh                           -Sharmila Tagore
Pati Patni Aur woh                    -Vidya Sinha
Naunital                                    -Indrani Mukherjee
Anamika                                   -Jaya Bhaduri
Angoor                                     -Mausami Chatterjee
Anubhav                                   -Tanuja
Man Mandir                              -Wahida Rehman
Hamare Thumare                      -Rakhee
Rivaz                                        -Mala Sinha
Chanda aur Bijali                       -Padmini
Iman Dharam                            -Rekha
Ek Paheli                                  -Tanuja
Rusvai                                      -Mausami Chatterjee
Charitraheen                             -Sharmila Tagore
Lakhon ki Baad                        -Anitha Raj
Do Ladkiyan                             -Mala Sinha
Sawal                                       -Waheeda Rehman
Mano Ranjan                           -Zeenat Aman
Priya                                         -Tanuja
Dur Aur Manzil                         -Reshma
Uljahan                                      -Sulakshana Pandit
Sachai                                       -Sadhna
OOnch Neech Beech                -Shabana Aazmi
Night in Calcutta                        -Simi
Pathar se Takkar                       -Neeta Mehta
Log kya kahenge                       -Shabana Aazmi
Naya Din Naya Raat                 -Jaya Bhaduri
Koshish                                     -Jaya Bhaduri
Kanch ki Deewar                      -Smitha Patil
Gauri                                         -Nutan
Be Rahem                                 -Mala Sinha
Baad aur Badnam                     -Parveen Babi
Ghar ki Laaj                               -Mausami chatterjee

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