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Raj Kapoor is remembered,respected and loved as one of the greatest actor,Director,showman and film maker of India.Thank god that for generations the Kapoor family is blessed with  talented personalities with excellent capabilities to perform  acting, and directing films and being victorious.They have the appealing capabilities to entertain the millions of people across India and abroad alike.Raj Kapoor's skills were inborn as he was the son of great Prithviraj Kapoor.Raj Kapoor was an artist from head to toes and was born in this world  for acting fantastically well and to create marvelous movies.That intellectual person was well versed in all aspects of film making and involved in editing and supervised composing the songs of his films.
                                           He was a musician himself and so was very particular to generate stunning melodious songs for his films.Songs in Aawara,Barsaat,Mera Naam Joker Jis Desh Mem Ganga Behti Hai' was a highly appreciated film which had a positive message to the society.His films Aag and Shree 420 also stimulated patriotism.As the song in Shree 420,the shoes might of Japan and the trousers made in England but he kept his heart truly Indian always.Raj Kapoor but as a film producer felt that this media must be mainly for entertainment purpose and gave emphasis to that.Hence in 1954 itself he made his movie 'Sangam' in locations such as London,Paris Switzerland etc.Moreover to accomplish the splendid beauty of the European cities the film was made in color.Vyjayanthimala was his pair in that movie.Raj Kapoor was very particular that the common man who spends two and a half hours in the cinema theater should feel the cinema as a feast to the eyes and mind and should enjoy it thoroughly.He knew very well the interest of the masses and so carefully chose the story,the locations,the artists,playback singers, music composers and so on.The final result would be a fantastic movie.

etc are all evergreen songs and still on top of the music charts.As an actor,director and producer he proved himself immaculate and distinguished.He was a great patriotic man also.'
Raj Kapoor made his first film 'Aag' when he was 24years old in 1948.Before that he had acted in eight films
His entry in to the film field was as a child artist for the film Inquilab in 1935 at the age of eleven.From his own very first film 'Aag' the audience understood the capabilities of that young man and appreciation was poured in plenty.Nargis was intoduced to film field by that movie.Technically also the film was perfectly made which received good comments from film critics.'Barsaat' was his second film by which beautiful charming ' Nargis' the heroine was widely accepted as his success pair.The spectacular visualization,romantic scenes and stunning music seduced the masses.The song sequences were created romantically well and so today also the new generation loves to hear  those songs and enjoy viewing those scenes.In 1952 'Awaara' was released.The songs sung by Mukesh worked wonders and are super hits still now.Many of Raj Kapoor's songs were sung by Mukesh and his voice suited to him well.Raj Kapoor was extremely nice in that movie which received much applause from the audience.
Since Raj Kapoor was a genuine artist he was daring to go to any extremes  if he could create movies of excellence and perfection.So he made 'Mera Naam Joker' which was a movie wonder.But the film which extended for 4hours and 15minutes created some problems since show times had to be adjusted.The viewers also felt inconveniences and hence it was a flop.But when re-released later it was a success.The film was different than the usual commercial themes since the story conception was about the life and sorrows of a circus clown.The joker is tempted to make others laugh even if  his inner soul is weeping.Not only for a circus clown but many of us are wearing a mask  to show our smiling face to the society while hiding and suppressing our sorrows.The circus clown in Mera Nam Joker received much sympathy and love from the viewers.There were three heroines in that film and one of them was a Russian artist.For filming 'Mera Naam Joker' Raj Kapoor brought a Russian circus to India.It took six years to complete that film.The His determination and dedication to get better results for his films were highly appreciated.
In 1973 he made 'Bobby' which was a super duper hit in which his son 'Rishi Kapoor' was the hero.'Dimple Kapadia' was the heroine of that film which was a nice entertaining movie with beautiful songs ,dance,romance and melodrama.The youth of that time loved the teen age love story and celebrated that film for a grand success.Rishi Kapoor with flexible dance movements and young gorgeous  Dimple Kapadia were accepted by the film world by that movie.
Scene from 'Barsaat'
Again 'Satyam Sivam Sundaram' was a beautifully visualized film like a painting on a canvas which  was released in 1978.Even though the film had much scope to show sex and nudity Raj Kapoor filmed it fantastically well expressing his artistic talents and magical touch.The beautiful feminine body is pictured without vulgarity Some frames are amazingly beautiful in that movie.That is the case with 'Ram Teri Ganga Meili also.If directed by somebody else scenes which might had been vulgar was artistically and neatly captured by him.  Raj Kapoor created the film with the magic wand which he possessed and resulted in a very nice movie.The frames were magnificently shot with spectacular picturesque.His younger son was the hero and 'Mandakini' the heroine.
In 1982 another film 'Prem Rog' was released which dealt with tradition,modernization,widow marriage etc.Padmini Kohlapuri was the heroine of that film.
Raj Kapoor was an idealistic man.His mannerism and way of acting was accepted and loved by the viewers.
He excelled very well in romantic scenes and was triumphant to convince the scenes as if real.He acted and created films for the common man.He was successful in providing what they needed.
He got 'Dada Saheb Phalke Award' in 1987.He was awarded Padma Bhushan 1i 1971
He died in New Delhi on 2nd June1988.
Truly a man of magnificent abilities,cheerful charisma, he will live for ever in the hearts of film lovers.
Some of his films and heroines in that films
Sangam                            -Vyjanthimala
Anari                                -Nutan
Mera Naam Joker            -Padmini
Shree 420                        -Nargis
Barsaat                             -Nargis
Aah                                  -Nargis
Teesri Kasam                   -Vaheeda Rehman
Aawara                            -Nargis
Chori Chori                      - Nargis
Andaaz                             -Nargis
Bewre Nam                      -Geeta Bali
Parvarish                          - Mala Sinha
Kanhaiya                          - Nutan
Chhalia                             - Nutan
Amber                              - Nargis
Dulha Dulhen                    -Sadhna
Phir Subah hogi                 -Mala Sinha
Ek Dil sou afsana               - Vaheeda Rehman
Shriman Satyavadi            - Shakeela
Dhoon                              - Nargis
Bewafa                             - Nargis
Do Ustaad                        -Madhubala
Amar Prem                       - Madhubala
Neel Kamal                      -Madhubala
Jaan pehchan                    -Nargis
Around the world             - Rajasree
Nazrana                           -Vyjantimala
Ashiyana                          - Nargis
Diwana                            - Saira Banu
Anhonee                          - Nargis
Sharada                           - Meena Kumari
Char Dil char rahen           - Meena Kumari
Papi                                 -Nargis
Vakil Baboo                    - Zeenat Aman

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