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Nanda Muri Tharaka Rama Rao well known as NTR was the super star of Telugu movies from 1950
and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh  from 1989 to 1994..
He was born in Krishna District of A.P. in 1923.The family were farmers and in the childhood days he used to distribute milk to hotels and faraway houses on a bicycle.Later he worked as a clerk in a firm and  also ran his own small provision store.NTR was good at studies and the family members wanted him to continue his studies and so his uncle took him to Vijayawada with him.For intermediate course he studied in Visakhapatanam and for B.A. degree course at Guntur.
While studying for the degree course he used to act in stage plays which he performed very well and got appreciation from many people.At that time he did not think that acting will be the career for him in the long run.
He married his Uncle's daughter in 1942 and was continuing his studies.He passed B.A. Degree course in the year 1947 and the same year itself he got job as the Sub Registrar of Mangalagiri.That job was a good one but when he got a chance to act in a film NTR selected the acting career and ignored the job.
'Mane Desam' (1949) was his debut film in which he had a side role but he became hero in films from 1950 onwards.'Pathala Bhairawi'(1951) was a super hit film and the new tall and very handsome hero was well accepted and very well appreciated by all film goers.During that period several films from stories of Hindu
beliefs were taken and the producers and directors found that the new hero NTR excelled fantastically well as  eternal  figures like Lord Vishnu,Krishna,Rama  and even as Ravana also.He resembled the God's images
painted by artist Raja Ravi Varma and so NTR was called for such roles from Tamil and Malayalam movies also.1n 1950's he was the hero in more number of movies than any other Telugu film artists.He was always
paid the highest amount for acting by his producers since his films were always box office hits.NTR was given the Padmasree Award from Government of India.

He entered in to Politcs in 1982 by forming a new party known as 'Telegu Desam Party'.He also like MGR of Tamilnadu  utilized the image and love gained from film field  for the growth of his political party.During the 1982 election campaign N.T.Rama Rao made a Chariot from a Van which he named as 'Chaithanya Ratham' and travelled all over Andhra Pradesh meeting all the voters requesting to vote for his party.NTR would sit  on a seat on the 'Ratham' and deliver a speech to the gatherings at all important places.His idea clicked  and he could establish the new party in the state.He won the 1989 and 1994 elections.He was the chief minister  of Andhra Pradesh from 89 to 94.He proved himself as a good politician and he was successful as the Chief Minister also.
NTR acted in 292 films out of which 15 were in Tamil and 4 were in Hindi.His grandson NTR Junior is an actor in Telugu movies at present.
NTR died in 1996 at the age of 73.
Some of his films are MayaBazaar,Venkiteswara Mahatmyam,Karnan(Tamil)Ekaveera,Devatha,Vatagadu,
Gajadonga,Major Chandra Kanth etc.
Some of his films and heroines in those films
Aada Brathuku           -  Devika
Aagi Ramadu              -  Bhanumathi
Chandirani                  -  Bhanumathi
Inthi Guttu                   -  Savithri
Aathma Bandhuvu       -  Savithri
Baburu Vahana           -   Vara Lakshmi
Bagdad gajadonga       -  Jaya Laitha
Bhama Vijayam           -  Devika
Badi Panthalu               -  Anjali Devi
Manushulanta Okkate   -  Jamuna
Nippulanti Manishi        -  Latha
Sri Tirupathi Venkites
    wara Kalyanam         - Jayasudha,Jaya Prada
Simha Baludu                - Vanisree
Tiger                             -  Radha Salooja

Vetagadu                      -  Sreedevi
Yamagola                      - Jaya Prada
Yugandhar                     -  Jaya Sudha
Vijayam Manate            -  Anjali Devi
Anuraga Devata             -  Jaya Prada,Sreedevi.
Circus Ramadu              -  Jaya Prada
Sathyam Sivam              - Sridevi
Superman                      -  Jayaprada
NTR with Indira Gandhi

Viswaroopam                -  Jaya Sudha.

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