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Dr.M.G.Ramachandran  popularly known as MGR was Tamil actor for more than forty years and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for Eleven Years till to his death in 1987.He was the son of Maruthur Gopala Menon and Sathyavathy.His father was hailing from Palghat,Kerala but had migrated to Sri Lanka.MGR  was born there.MGR and his elder brother had to join a drama troupe because of his father's demise to support his family.
Brilliant Leaders Together
At the age of 19 he was selected in Tamil film as an actor.His debut film was 'Sathi Leelavathi' and he had a side role.This was in 1936 and   later because of his acting skills, hard work and enthusiasm became hero.In 1947 a film titled 'Manthri Kumari' made him No.1 Hero of Tamil films...Afterwards all of his films were super hit films at box office.
                           During that period his friendship with  Sri.Karunanidhi resulted in joining DMK party of Sri.Anna Durai.When Anna Durai died Karunanidhi became leader and MGR was treasurer of that party.He became Assembly member in 1962 and again in 1967.During that Campaign he was shot on the neck by a co- star M.R.Radha.He was in a severe fatal condition for several days in Hospital.He survived but by this incident clarity of his speech was lost for ever.But he got enormous sympathy from the people and was victorious in the election.He earned more reputation, support and fame.In 1972 he started his own party AIADMK.During 1972 to 1977 he utilized his films also to boost himself as an idealistic man.Always his character in films would be  a good person fighting against evils in society, helping poor and needy,protecting women and loving parents.We have to admit that he was really a Charismatic person and a philanthropist.Very large crowd used to gather to see him and to hear his speeches.When his films were released people were rushing to the cinema halls to see their action hero in glamorous roles, and fighting scenes.His first wife died very earlier and his second wife died because of T.B. He married his heroine in films Janaki afterwards.Bhanumathi,Sarojadevi etc were his earlier heroines in films..Jayalalitha was his heroine in 28 films.Lakshmi,Manjula and Latha were his latest heroines.He acted up to 1977 till he became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.He is the first person to become Chief Minister of a State from film Industry.
                         In 1971 he got 'Bharat' award  as the best actor of India of that year for the film 'Rikshakkaran.He was awarded the highest Civilian award ' Bharat Ratna' Posthumously.He was awarded many titles like 'Puratchi Thalaivar', 'Makkal Thilakam' etc.
MGR had the habit of using a white fur cap and black spectacles.His films Olivilakku,Raman Thediya seethai,Adimappen, Enka Veettu Pillai,Mattukkaravelan, Nalla Neram,Nava Rathinam etc etc were super hits.
In 1984  he became ill and kidney disease was detected.He had a kidney transplant operation in an American Hospital.His niece provided  one of her kidney to him.He could survive for next three years only and in 1987 MGR surrendered to death.He will live for ever in the hearts of the people.
Some of his Films and heroine actresses
AaYirathil Oruvan                        -  Jayalalitha
Anbe Vaa                                    -  Saroja Devi
Adimai Penn                                -  Jayalalitha
Urimaikkural                                -  Latha
Idayakkani                                   -  Radha Salooja
Rickshawkkaran                          -  Manjula
Engal Thangam                            -  Jayalalitha
Rahasya Police 115                     -   Jayalalitha
Vettaikkaran                                -  Savithri
En Annan                                    -   Jayalalitha
Neethikku Thalai Vanangu           -   Latha
Netru Indru Nalai                         -  Latha,Manjula,Rajasree
Paasam                                        -  Saroja Devi
Kudiyirntha Kovil                         -   Jayalalitha
Ulagam Sutrum Valiban                -   Latha,Manjula
Nalai Namathe                             -   Latha
Nadodi Mannan                           -   Sarojadevi,Banumathi
Manthirikumari                             -   Madhuridevi
Malaikkallan                                 -   Banumathi
MannathiMannan                          -  Anjali Devi
Nan Yen Piranden                         -  Jayalalitha
Nam Nadu                                   -   Jaya Lalitha
Deivathai                                      -   Sarojadevi
Aanadha Jyothi                             -   Devika
Pallandu vazhka                             -   Latha
OOrukku Uzhaippavan                 -   Vanisree
Olivilakku                                     -   Jayalalitha
Raman Tediya Seethai                  -     Jayalalitha
Nallaneram                                   -   K.R.Vijaya
Raja Rajan                                   -    Padmini
Idhaya Veenai                              -    Lakshmi
Nan Aanayittan                            -    Sarojadevi
Mdhura Meetta Sundara
                       Pandiyan               -    Latha
Sabhash Mappilai                         -   Padmini
Thozhilali                                      -   K.R.Vijaya

Maattukkara Velan                        -  Jayalaitha,Lakshmi
Kannan En Kathalan                     -   Vanisree, Latha
Puthiya Bhoomi                             -   Jaya Lalitha
Sirithu Vazha Vendum                   -   Latha
Sange Muzhangu                           -   Lakshmi
Marma Yogi                                  -  Anjali Devi

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