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Guru Dutt is a lucent  star in the lucid sky of Indian cinema.During the 50's he was engaged in diversified fields of film making as Writer,Producer,Choreographer,Actor and Director.He was an intelligent and very talented personality whose works were artistically superb.As a technician he utilized the sophisticated technologies available at that time effectively for perfection.Some lenses and filters which were used in Holly wood was introduced in his films  for the first time in India.Closeup shots and long shots were determined precisely well to convey the mood of the characters and particular scene to the audience.Light and shades were controlled accurately to visualize frames in a wonderful manner.
Even though black and white films were made during those days Guru Dutt films had significant characteristic quality of its own.His selection of stories was perfect and well suited for those time,the screenplay were excellent, technical quality the best, arrangement of the objects in scenes were beautiful,utilization of characters he did with artistic perfection so that the ultimate results were fantastic movies.His films are used as references today also by students of film Institutes and by new directors.During his time the Critics and spectators could not differentiate the technical qualities exhibited by him but in 70's and 80's when those films were re-released appreciation from the masses were visible in fully packed cinema houses.
Guru Dutt was born at  Mangalore of  Karnataka State in a Brahmin family.He had his school education at Calcutta since his parents were living there.After school studies he joined for a five year course at Indian Culture Center at Almora.Since he was well trained in all dance forms he started his film career as Choreographer.Afterwards he started acting in films.The metamorphosis from Choreographer to actor, Assistant Director and Director was rapid.
Guru Dutt was a genius and thinker who wrote short stories in English and other languages which was published in magazines.The story of the film 'Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam' was originally written in English and published in 'The Illustrated weekly of India'.He handled the lead role in some films  produced and directed by him self also.After the film Kagaz ke Phool which was a flop at Box Office he did not direct any more films.Pyasa and Kagaz ke phool are excellent films which gets admiration always..
He wore the coat of a Director for Dev Anand's  'Baazi in 1951.Some of his films are Jaal(52),Baaz(55) Pyaasa(57) Kagaz ke Phool(59).
His wife was Geeta Dutt who was a leading play back singer of Hindi Cinema.It was a love marriage. Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt  had some conflicts later on  which resulted in their divorce.The segregated condition from family and children was  unbearable for him and in his sorrows  alcohol was his aid and relief.By the high rate consumption of liquor he was found dead on his bed in the apartment where he lived.   That very talented genius person departed us in October 1964 when he was only  39 years old..
If Guru Dutt lived for long we could have expected many more superb films from that sagacious personality.
Some of the Artists who handled opposite roles in his films
Mr.&Mrs                 (Madhubala)
Aar Paar                  (Shyama)
Suhagon                   (Mala Sinha)
Bharosa                   ( Asha Parekh)
Baaz                        ( Geeta Bali)
Bahurani                  ( Mala Sinha)
Sanj Aur Savera       ( Meena Kumari)
Kaagaz ke Phool      ( Waheda
Pyaasa                     (Waheda
Chadhvin ka                     Rehman)
            Chand          (Waheda
Sahib Bibi Aur
Ghulam                     (Meena Kumari)

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